How To Quickly Check All The Broken Links In Your Website

When you own a website it’s important to keep it active and to continuously grow your content for your users. As your website gets bigger however it’s easy to lose track of how many broken links have started to pile up and doing a manual check of each page can be time consuming experience.

Luckily however there is a quick and easy to use online tool that will show you how to check all your broken links within seconds. This tool is completely free to use and is demonstrated in the below video.

Video By Jeff Moyer – Owner of The Calgary Web Design Network – Web Design & Internet Marketing Specialist.

Social Networking Sites You Should Be Using In 2013

socialmedia-lotsParticipating in Social Media and Social Networking websites have never been more important when it comes to marketing your website in 2013. Not only do they help you network with new potential clients and drive traffic to your website they also play an increasingly vital role in your SEO performance.

With literally hundreds to options to choose from however it’s tough to know which ones to focus on without spreading yourself too thin.  With that being said these are my top six personal choices for which social media/networking sites you should focus on most to maximize your online marketing efforts. If even six sounds like a lot however remember doing two or three well still has much better value then doing too many poorly. Continue reading