20 Common Website Terms And Definitions You Should Know But Were Afraid To Ask


Internet tips & tricks – 20 Internet Terms & Definitions You Should Know

Once upon a time not that long ago internet marketing didn’t exist and advertising your business seemed a lot simpler. People advertised through more traditional methods such as newspaper ads, flyers, door to door salesmen and yes the Yellow Pages… remember those? Back then you didn’t have to worry about things such as search engine results or social media campaigns.

Now we live in a different age where the internet rules all and is the first place customers will look when trying to find your product or service. The transition into the digital age for many is an ongoing learning process so having a little help along the way never hurts.

On that note here are 20 common website terms and definitions you may have heard thrown around but weren’t always sure what they meant. Continue reading

How to Create Email Signature In Gmail

One important marketing tip you will hear over and over again is to include all your important contact information in your email signature. This would of course include your phone number and email address but should also include links to any of your relevant social media pages as well.

If this is something you’ve¬†procrastinated on it’s probably something you should get on ASAP. Luckily if you own a Gmail account the process if quite easy and is demonstrated in the video below…

Video is created by Jeff Moyer a web design & internet marketing specialist in Calgary.