How To Get Rid of WordPress Spam In 30 Seconds Or Less!

get rid of spam of your wordpress blog

get rid of spam of your wordpress blog quick and easily

If you’ve ever owned a WordPress blog you’ve probably encountered web spam at several points in your life. For everything positive WordPress offers in terms of easy updating and endless plugins the experience can take a nosedive when it comes to spam comments.

Left unattended some Wodpress blogs can build up thousands of spam comments within couple of weeks. Even with the latest Penguin and Hummingbird updates from Google (designed to punish spammers in Google rankings) spam on WordPress is still more alive than ever.

Fortunately WordPress offers a variety of plugins to combat the problem, some with more positive reviews than others. After testing many of these plugins however I personally found that these plugins were either ineffective or overly difficult to install. After multiple tries I finally found the plugin that helped me get rid of WordPress Spam permanently…in 30 seconds or less! Continue reading