Working From Home & Avoiding Getting Fat

One of the most interesting challenges I’ve have when working from home was not actually “getting work done”. Instead it was more about how do I resist the urge to go to the fridge every hour when it is sitting just metres away from my computer.

This may not sound like a big deal but fitness affects performance, and when you are not eating healthy (or too much) you can start to feel a bit sluggish. Working a full eight hour day takes discipline as a self-employed individual, so one of my keys to success is my afternoon workout from home.

I’m someone who has a very productive morning then my energy kind of tails off in the second half. Luckily I have a treadmill at home along with some very simple gym equipment that helps me out. I’ve been able to merge both cardio and weight training in one somewhat intense 30 minute workout.

I do a brisk walk to mild jog on my treadmill while using my Jogflex muscle toner at the same time. The running gets my cardio in the Jogflex does an upper body workout while I am running at the same time. This actually stops you from zoning out on the treadmill since your body and arms stay active.

Once the 30 minutes is up and I’ve broken a good sweat I am usually recharged for the second half of the day. This is a big boost in making sure I get the most out of my full work day and so far is keeping me out of the refrigerator as well.

If you have any work from home tips feel free to leave your comments below!