How to Create Email Signature In Gmail

One important marketing tip you will hear over and over again is to include all your important contact information in your email signature. This would of course include your phone number and email address but should also include links to any of your relevant social media pages as well.

If this is something you’ve procrastinated on it’s probably something you should get on ASAP. Luckily if you own a Gmail account the process if quite easy and is demonstrated in the video below…

Video is created by Jeff Moyer a web design & internet marketing specialist in Calgary.

How To Improve Website Conversion Rates

conversion rates

how to improve your website conversion rates to get better leads and sales

I don’t blame people for thinking this however as I thought the same thing until my company website ( hit #1 on Google and things, well….basically stayed the same. Make no mistake about it proper visibility in search engines is crucial to any site’s success but a high SEO ranking is merely getting your foot in the front door.

How your website performs once traffic finally gets to your website will determine whether or not you get the occasional call or more consistent business. A good website has the ability to convert visitors into sales which should be a focal point of your web strategy along with merely “getting hits”. Continue reading