10 Ways to Get More Business Through Linkedin

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Filling Out Your Profile In Full Is Always Step One Of Any Successful LinkedIn Strategy

LinkedIn is today’s top business networking website and where business professionals of all kinds migrate in hopes of making new connections and creating new business opportunities. It’s estimated there are now over 200,000 million Linked is users and it joins Facebook and Twitter as one of the world’s top social networking websites.

Although everyone and their dog has a LinkedIn profile nowadays for many people knowing how to use it to effectively is no easy task. For most business owners their experience with LinkedIn starts and ends with how many connections they make thinking bigger numbers will eventually convert into more leads or sales. Continue reading

Social Networking Sites You Should Be Using In 2013

socialmedia-lotsParticipating in Social Media and Social Networking websites have never been more important when it comes to marketing your website in 2013. Not only do they help you network with new potential clients and drive traffic to your website they also play an increasingly vital role in your SEO performance.

With literally hundreds to options to choose from however it’s tough to know which ones to focus on without spreading yourself too thin.  With that being said these are my top six personal choices for which social media/networking sites you should focus on most to maximize your online marketing efforts. If even six sounds like a lot however remember doing two or three well still has much better value then doing too many poorly. Continue reading

Changing Your Linked In URL

LinkedIn has become the world’s largest business networking website and has joined the ranks of Twitter and Facebook as a social media platform your business shouldn’t be without.

When people sign up for a LinkedIn account however they are given a URL which contains a bunch of random numbers and letters. This default URL is not very user friendly when sending our your LinkedIn details to friends, colleagues and other associates.

Luckily changing your LinkedIn Profile URL is a quick in easy once you know where to go and what to do. You can watch our live video below to see how you can change your profile URL within a couple of minutes.

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