How to Add a Favicon to Your Website

Each and every website should have its own favicon which is a special icon that displays in the browser tab whenever your website is open. Favicons give your website a better sense of professionalism and helps improve your brand identity. A favicon also makes sure when a user has your website up along with several others they can find yours easily with multiple windows open.

Here is a quick and easy way to add a favicon to your website using a simple free online program. The video below shows you step by step how to add a favicon to your website within minutes…

How to Create Email Signature In Gmail

One important marketing tip you will hear over and over again is to include all your important contact information in your email signature. This would of course include your phone number and email address but should also include links to any of your relevant social media pages as well.

If this is something you’ve procrastinated on it’s probably something you should get on ASAP. Luckily if you own a Gmail account the process if quite easy and is demonstrated in the video below…

Video is created by Jeff Moyer a web design & internet marketing specialist in Calgary.

How To Quickly Check All The Broken Links In Your Website

When you own a website it’s important to keep it active and to continuously grow your content for your users. As your website gets bigger however it’s easy to lose track of how many broken links have started to pile up and doing a manual check of each page can be time consuming experience.

Luckily however there is a quick and easy to use online tool that will show you how to check all your broken links within seconds. This tool is completely free to use and is demonstrated in the below video.

Video By Jeff Moyer – Owner of The Calgary Web Design Network – Web Design & Internet Marketing Specialist.

How To Add YouTube Videos to Your Website

Youtube has become an increasingly popular way building your brand and bringing traffic back to your website. With new webmasters or people just learning about YouTube however they can sometimes be confused about how to add their Youtube videos into their actual website. Luckily it is a quick and simple process with WordPress (and almost any website) and a simple tutorial is provided below…

Written By Jeff Moyer

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Changing Your Linked In URL

LinkedIn has become the world’s largest business networking website and has joined the ranks of Twitter and Facebook as a social media platform your business shouldn’t be without.

When people sign up for a LinkedIn account however they are given a URL which contains a bunch of random numbers and letters. This default URL is not very user friendly when sending our your LinkedIn details to friends, colleagues and other associates.

Luckily changing your LinkedIn Profile URL is a quick in easy once you know where to go and what to do. You can watch our live video below to see how you can change your profile URL within a couple of minutes.

Jeff Moyer